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Mini Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

2016-09-09 14:49:10

Mini mobile concrete batching plant can be divided into tractor and trailer mobile batching plant, Traction chassis contains complete front and rear axle; Trailer chassis only has the rear axle, which is placed in the front end of the tractor saddle.

Advantages of Mini Mobile Concrete Batching Plant:

1. Disassembly fast and easy to move: In addition to screw conveyor, cement warehouse, the front end of entire mini mobile concrete batching plant can be moved; All control cables are no need to dismantled.

2. Mini mobile concrete batching plant is equipped with tires, traction pin, traffic signal devices, brake system. When installation:in a flat surface; when disassembly, it takes 30 tons crane mating. When be in the storage, if the mini mobile concrete batching plant is not in use, keep the transport transitions during transportation

3. The all parts of mini mobile concrete batching plant transport dimensions are smaller than the space size of inner container requirements.


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