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Ready Mix Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Concrete Cooling System

2015-09-01 16:15:21

Concrete Cooling System of Professional Concrete Batching Plant:

During the process of setting up, Concrete will make a lot of heat, the accumulation of heat caused by the internal temperature of concrete.But because of the weak concrete thermal conductivity, the surface heat of concrete dissipates quickly, then causes the big different temperature of concrete inside and outside. Early tensile strength of concrete by ready mixed mobile concrete batching plant is low, which causes the concrete surface to produce a certain tension stress. When the external force exceeds the inner, concrete surface will be cracking to produce temperature crack.

In order to prevent the occurrence of cracks in concrete, in addition to ensure reasonable mixture ratio, construction technology and maintenance, the most effective method is to take artificial cooling measures, that is through the aggregate pre cooling and cold water, with ice mixing concrete to reduce the machine temperature of concrete, to control temperature of concrete pouring. Adopt the concrete cooling system of ready mix mobile concrete batching plant will be the effective measure.


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